Love and Money Magnet Tip of the Week

Tap Your ThymusNamaste

Next time you feel anxiety flare up, you can calm down quickly if you tap your thymus.
Tapping your thymus helps you tap into the part of you that is eternally safe and forever loved … which helps you meet every situation as your best self.

To find your thymus, gently tap your fingertips up and down your breastbone until you touch a point that makes you sigh or your muscles relax slightly.

You’ve found your thymus; a gland vital to your endocrine and lymphatic systems.

Gently tap on it until you feel calm. If the gland feels tender, tap the air two inches in front of it and allow peace to fill you.

Now, you’re ready to meet the day with an open heart and a peaceful mind.

How does tapping your thymus make you a love and money magnet?

It connects you with the Love you are, and love-based choices will always prosper you more than fear-based choices.

Go in peace, dear friend.

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