Love and Money Magnet Tip of the Week

Baby Steps to ForgivenessBaby steps from sandbox

If you have a hard time forgiving someone – yourself or anyone else – it’s okay.

A deep wound can be difficult to forgive because part of you wants to keep you safe by holding on to your grievance … completely unaware that warehousing your resentment only attracts more situations to feel resentful about.

Welcome to the dark side of the Law of Attraction ;-D

If you would like to stop doing that now, play with these baby steps if it feels like too much to forgive something or someone all at once.

  1. If you can’t forgive something, maybe you can accept that it happened. Acceptance doesn’t mean it’s okay with you, it just means you’re acknowledging that it happened.
  2. If you can’t accept that it happened, maybe you can bless the person or persons involved. Forget about forgiving them. Just bless them, or ask your Higher Power to bless them.
  3. If you can’t bless the person, maybe you can stop ill-wishing him or her. Mentally or verbally abusing the person keeps the wound fresh and engraves resentment on your brain’s circuitry.
  4. If you can’t stop ill-wishing the person, maybe you can let go of your urge for revenge. Physical, emotional, financial, or verbal violence only begets more violence.
  5. If you simply must avenge yourself, build a life you love, one inspired action at a time.

Why does forgiveness make you a love and money magnet?

When you close your heart against anything, you close it against everything. That is how it works, because you are One with All That Is, and All that Is, is One with you.

When you forgive, you open your heart to new love; your imagination to shiny new possibilities; your mind to brilliant new ideas and opportunities; and your hands to co-create and receive the Good your Higher Power wants you to have.

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