The third step to attract money

Are you willing to stop waiting?

Click here to listen to this meditation.

Here is your next step in our money-attraction project:

Recognize that it’s time to stop waiting.

It’s time to stop waiting until you feel better …

Until you get organized …

Until you figure out the perfect action to take and when to take it.

My dear, I get it.

Waiting can feel so much safer than risking an action that might turn out badly.

And yet, trying to stand still in an ever-expanding universe can only end in tears.

As the great Marianne Williamson reminds us:

Maturity includes the recognition that no one is going to see anything in us that we don’t see in ourselves. Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself.

So, let’s concentrate on seeing that waiting is over; and feeling just fine about going forth to meet the Abundance that has been waiting for you … while you waited for it.

Would you like your Higher Power to show you:

  • It is time, and it is safe, for you to stop waiting now
  • It’s your turn for your needs to be met now
  • It’s your turn to have plenty of money now
  • It’s your turn to love and be loved now
  • It’s your turn to be happy and have fun now
  • It’s time to say “Yes” to the Love you are right now
  • It’s time to say “Yes” to all the Good that Life wants you to have

If this is okay with you, say “Yes” now, out loud or in your heart. Sense Infinite Love flooding your cells and lighting up your awareness in joyful ways.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be of service to you today.

Much love and many blessings to you!

If you would like more easy, loving healings like these, click here.

What gets you going when you feel stuck? I’d love it if you would leave a comment below.


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