Love and Money Magnet Tip of the Week

Do Little Things with Great Love

coffee loveHealing your relationship with love and money, so you can attract more love and money, can seem like a tall order.

So, let’s consider some baby steps to begin with.

  • If you make coffee each morning, bless the coffeemaker, the coffee, and all who drink it. Savor each sip of your coffee (or tea, as the case may be).
  • If you’ve gone all Starbucks, bless those who take and make your order, the beverages they serve you, and those who drink it – yourself and/or others you have graciously provided with something good to drink.
  • If you drive to work, call on your angels to keep you and those around you safe. Bless the road and all who drive upon it.
  • If you work at home, bless your computer (or whatever instruments you use) before you start and declare, “Okay, Higher Power, I showed up. You take it from here.” Let inspiration, wisdom, excellence and love flow to you and through you as you work.

I hope these suggestions inspire you to find other ways you can bring more love into your day.

How does doing little things with great love make you a love and money magnet?

By consciously creating an atmosphere of grace and gratitude while doing small everyday activities, you open the door to more grace entering every area of your life – including the love and money you desire.

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What small things do you find it easy to do with great love? Would you share by leaving a comment below?

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