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Seven Brief Lessons on Physics” by Carlo RovelliSeven Brief Lessons on Physics

How am I a geek? Let me count the ways:

  1. Theater geek, from my childhood days of cuing my actor father on his lines in plays like “Twelfth Night”
  2. Classic movie geek, from the first time I saw “The Wizard of Oz” on our black-and-white TV
  3. Sci-fi geek, since Miss Miner, my middle-school English teacher, introduced me to Ray Bradbury’s “The Martin Chronicles”

My latest geek-tastic obsession: Quantum Physics.

I never thought I would be a science nerd, but a profound connection exists between quantum physics and the healings you’ve experienced in some of these blog posts.

To support you in the most recent topic, opening to new possibilities, you are lovingly invited to explore the remarkably easy-to-read “Seven Brief Lessons in Physics.”

My takeaway from the book, in a nutshell:

Fewer than 10 types of particles, like electrons and photons, form the basis of everything in and around us, including your body, the Eiffel Tower, the smell of sizzling bacon, and the Orion constellation.

These particles wink in and out of existence at dazzling speed, forming and re-forming and vanishing, until interaction with something summons them into form again.

How does that apply to you attracting money?

Living in an ever-changing Universe means it’s never too late for you to begin prospering.

Even if you’ve never had significant amounts of money before, it’s possible for you to have it now, because those itty-bitty electrons are forever forming a new Now.

When you stop interacting with past events by talking and thinking about them, you free their particles to dissolve into the formlessness from which they came.

This gives you a blank slate upon which you can write your new story of joyful prosperity with loving energy, compassionate thoughts and inspired actions.

Those darling little photons can just as easily form a large, permanent income for you as anything else in the Universe, like a field of vibrant red poppies, or the song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

That is why you are always only a thought away from Abundance.

Author Carlo Rovelli uses stories, pictures and humor as well as data to document the scientific basis for the infinite possibilities, available to us in every moment, that metaphysicians have proclaimed for centuries.

If you have ever wondered whether infinite possibilities truly exist, or they’re just something made up by a woo-woo guru, you will find solid scientific proof of their reality in Seven Brief Lessons on Physics.”


What book(s) have transformed your ideas about the way life works? Please leave a comment below – I’m always looking for recommendations!


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