Who is in Charge of Your Abundance?

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“If God is your co-pilot, maybe you should change seats.” – Barbara Hightower

While you may consciously desire prosperity, a more ancient part of your mind fears something bad will happen if you gain wealth.

Flying highThe question is – which part of your mind is in charge? The part that will pilot your journey to abundance … or the part that will zoom you off in a different direction?  

Let’s take a closer look.

Since infinite abundance is your natural state, where does all that financial struggle come from?

It’s generated by the ego-mind. All the attention, energy and focus you gave to your fears allowed it to take over the pilot’s seat in your life.

As Barbara Hightower suggests, if God is your co-pilot, maybe you should change seats.

If you place the ego-mind where it belongs …

It could do its job of keeping you safe, instead of throwing you off-course by going in the direction of your fears rather than your dreams or goals.

Trouble is, the ego-mind likes being in the pilot’s seat; it refuses to give up that position because it believes you will crash and burn if anyone else handles the flying.

The ego-mind also prefers being in charge because it feels less frightened when it has control over things, even though it can never control anything – except you, if you allow it.

Fortunately, this fear-full aspect of your mind can be led to a new way of thinking that will guide you to prosperity and abundance of every kind.

It can be led by you because you are the God of its world. Like a seven-year-old child who adores you, it will do almost anything to please you.

To guide your ego-mind in the direction of your desires, you need to be the pilot.

Taking the lead in your life may seem unnatural or scary to your ego-mind – even though it’s your natural state of being. Your consciousness was designed to guide you toward your deepest desires.

Would you like support in getting comfortable with your position as the pilot in your life? We can start doing that right now, if you wish.

Would you like your Higher Power to show you:

  • What your past and present financial circumstances really mean about you, in relation to what your ego-mind told you they meant
  • All the evidence your ego-mind ignored that proves your innate goodness, innocence, wisdom and worthiness
  • All the evidence your ego-mind rejected that proves you have everything you need inside of you to start prospering right now
  • Why you can trust yourself to make wise and loving choices, even though you become more prosperous every day
  • Why you can trust yourself to take the lead in your life now and what will happen if you do


If so, say “Yes” out loud or in your heart … and sense Infinite Intelligence lighting up the center of your brain and activating an answering light in every cell in your body.

Now, notice how you feel. Notice what’s different about your life in the coming week – and celebrate it! If it feels right, tell me about it in an email.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be of service to you today. Much love and many blessings to you!

Would you like more quick, loving healings like this? Get more info here.

What needs to happen for you to trust yourself more? Please share your thoughts with me in the comment box below.

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