Want more love in your life?

If you want more loving people in your life, the first thing to do is feel more worthy of love. jeremy-wong-308970

Otherwise, you will attract people who make you jump through hoops before they will give you a grain of affection, because you (and they) believe you must prove over and over again that you’re worthy of love. It’s an unwinnable game you’re better off avoiding, if you want more love in your life.

One quick way to feel worthy of love in today’s world

Focus one thing you’ve done right.

Make it something simple and real, like exchanging smiles with the grocery store cashier, or remembering to walk your dog before you went to work. Dog by justin-veenema-147056

Right now, ask yourself, “Where did I go right today? What is one good thing I’ve done?”

Replay that experience in your mind.

Feel the peace in your heart as you notice you did something well.

Take a deep breath as you let your heart expand with appreciation:

  • For yourself
  • For any others involved
  • For taking time to acknowledge your innate goodness … which is who you really are … Goodness Itself.

Take another deep breath and imagine that appreciation taking root in your heart and blossoming.

Watch it flower.

If you don’t know how, just pretend you’re watching something blossom.

Great job! You are awesome!

What is one good thing you did today? Share in the comment box below. Thank you!

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