Why is it Hard to Attract Abundance?

Grainds of Sand by-evan-kirby-263915Here’s the deal:

You can keep on trying squeeze a few grains of Abundance from the iron grip of a stingy Universe, if you believe that’s what it takes.

But until you feel you deserve to have what you want, you’re going to expend a gigantic amount of energy for teeny-tiny results.

I hate that whole “Tons of Effort for Zero Results” thing. How about you?

You can only experience as much Abundance as you feel worthy of receiving. No more and no less.

The Universe’s allotment of Abundance may seem random, yet it is precise in giving exactly as much as you feel worthy of receiving.

If you want to recognize your true (Infinite!) worth so you can attract more Abundance, you are lovingly invited to join the September Abundance Healing Circle: “Self-Worth Here and Now.

You will walk away from this inspiring and interactive gathering with a firm foundation for:

  • Authentic self-confidence that empowers you to trust yourself to handle the wonderful people and exciting opportunities attracted by the glowing charisma that confidence gives you
  • Deeply rooted self-respect that allows you to set healthy boundaries, so you have the time, energy and focus needed to move toward the greatness waiting to meet you
  • Heartfelt self-compassion that lets you see missteps as bumps in the road, rather than the end of the road, so you can stay motivated to find the Abundance that wants to find you

Self Worth Here and Now

If this sounds good to you, please join us live online or by phone on Tuesday September 12 at 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

Can’t make the live gathering? Sign up anyway to get the MP3 download of this virtual healing circle. Listening to the recording brings you smokin-hot fresh insights every time you listen.

If you are so over the roller-coaster ride of emotional uncertainty, financial insecurity and frustratingly unfulfilling work – this Abundance Healing Circle is for you.

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