Do You Sabotage Your Abundance Without Knowing It?

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Feeling unworthy is like putting a huge obstacle into the God force, into the life force which is everywhere. – Wayne Dyer

Here’s the thing:

Even if you think you’re worthy of Abundance …

Even if you believe, with every fiber of your being, that you deserve lasting love and permanent prosperity …

Only when you FEEL worthy of the good things in life will you match the energetic frequency in which Abundance dwells and thereby draw more blessings into your life.

Why is that? 

  • Thoughts make up about 5% of your consciousness
  • Emotional energy makes up the other 95%

Given that 95% is way more than 5%, does it make sense that your emotional energy determines whether you manifest more Abundance in your life? Gap by-tommy-lisbin-316755

There is a huge gap between thinking you deserve good things and feeling you deserve good things.

That gap makes the difference as to whether you experience poverty or prosperity; loneliness or love; frustration or fulfillment.

Are you stuck in that gap? 

Here are four signs of hidden unworthiness blocking your Abundance:

  1. You brush off compliments with “It was nothing” or “You’re only saying that because you’re my sister” (or mother, brother, husband, or best friend)
  2. You refuse a friendly offer to hold the door open when your hands are full
  3. You say “Yes” to unreasonable demands because even the idea of saying “No” scares you
  4. You pretend something is okay when it is So. Not. Okay.

Do any of these situations seem familiar to you? Each one indicates an underlying sense of unworthiness.

As Wayne Dyer notes, feeling unworthy is like putting a huge obstacle into the God force.

Ready to get unstuck? Golden Light_dev-benjamin-222588

Would you like your Higher Power to release your unconscious obstacles to Abundance now …

In ways that feel safe and comfortable to you …

And replace them with Abundance-attracting thoughts, feelings and beliefs that feel completely authentic and natural to you?

If so, say “Yes” out loud or in your heart … and imagine crystalline white light streaming across your third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional bodies … leaving behind shimmering pink-gold light.

Very good!

By doing this process, you’re bringing more Abundance to yourself – and everyone else, as well, because we are all One. Bless you!

Now, notice how you feel. Notice what’s different about your life in the coming week – and celebrate it!

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Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you today. You grace me.

Much love and many blessings to you!

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Looking back, can you see any occasions when you turned away from love, success, fame, fortune, or perfect health because it felt like too much, or you didn’t feel ready?

Me, too.

If you like, please share in the comment box below. Thank you!

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