Reason #1 Why It's Hard to Get Clarity

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It can be hard to have clarity if part of you believes clarity is a really bad idea.

If you tend to feel confused about what you want or how to get it, chances are you have unconscious beliefs blocking your ability to set and reach goals that are meaningful to you.

It’s not your fault

If you’re like most people, you grew up hearing “No!” a lot – from parents, teachers, big brothers and other authority figures.

No isaiah-rustad-527168-unsplash

Maybe you stopped asking for what you want because you knew your request would be refused – so why bother to ask?

Maybe you even pretended you didn’t want anything, to avoid the pain and shame of yet another “No.”

Repressing desires that you feel sure will go unsatisfied is a normal way of protecting yourself from disappointment.

The downside: you lose yourself when you lose touch with your dreams and desires.

So, if you have trouble getting clear about your dreams or goals, it may be because a very strong, smart, loving part of you believes that if you get clarity, something bad will happen.

boy by-berwin-coroza-340444

Here’s the bottom line

It’s impossible to create a fulfilling life unless you know what fulfills you.

This involves knowing what you want, need, and value – the first step to turning your dreams into your reality.

Part of you already knows. More clarity will come when confusion stops serving you.

You see, getting clarity can seem scary if your wounded inner child believes clarity = disappointment, rejection, or shame. What sane person wants that?

So, none of your blocks to clarity will go away until your unconscious mind believes it is safe for you to know what you want and how to get it.

Golden Light_dev-benjamin-222588

Want some help with that?

  • Would you like your Higher Power to show you why it is safe for you to have clarity now?
  • Would you like to know what will happen if you have clarity, in relation to what you have imagined would happen?
  • Would you like to know why it is safe for you, and safe for others, for you to know and reach for your dreams now?
  • Would you like to know how to confidently take the next step now?

If you would like these healing downloads, please say “Yes” out loud now.

Imagine shimmering rainbow light shining down through the top of your head and filling your body.

Notice how you feel.

Good job! Thank you!

Click here to listen to this healing meditation

Got any thoughts you’d like to share? Please comment in the box below. Thank you!




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