How to Believe in Yourself – Tip #1

We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies. – Roderick Thorp

When your faith in yourself feels wobbly, it’s because your mind has taken you down a black hole of self-doubt.

Here’s the cool thing

If your mind can put you in a black hole, it can also take you out.

Black hole tom-sodoge-84368-unsplashIt can lead you to the life you yearn for. The love you long for. The passion and purpose your soul came here to express.

How can you believe in yourself after all the mistakes you’ve made?

Let’s start here.

Welcome to this new series of tips to help you build the confidence you need to succeed by mastering your mind, so it works for you instead of against you.

You master your mind by responding to your thoughts, instead of reacting to them.

Easier said than done?


Thinking radu-florin-756283-unsplash

That’s why we’re here: To help you handle your thoughts with courage and self-respect, rather than fear and self-loathing.

When you notice a hurtful thought, like:

  • “It’s never going to get better”
  • “Nothing ever works out for me” 
  • “I’m not even going to try because I know I’ll never pull it off”

Instead of letting the thought freak you out, you can Dismiss It

Goodbye alexandre-croussette-1054126-unsplash

This may sound crazy, but stay with me, here:

Just because you think a thought doesn’t mean it’s true.

Even if a thought feels true, it can still be false. Feelings lie all the time – have you noticed that?

Getting upset over hurtful thoughts just gives them more power to send you spiraling into that black hole of self-doubt.

Instead, you can dismiss the thought.

Let’s do it now


Thinking eric-ward-455627-unsplash

What hurtful thought has been eating away at you lately?

Bring it to mind. (Have courage, my friend. I promise you won’t have to hold the thought for long)

  1. Say to the thought, “Thank you for sharing. Your work is done. Now go away.”
  2. Picture the thought, and all other thoughts like it, falling into a black hole, never to return.
  3. Say, “I invite encouraging, inspiring thoughts to come to me now.”
  4. Notice the inspiring ideas arising in your mind. Let them bubble up in your awareness. Instead of judging the thoughts, or arguing with them, simply notice them, like stars in the sky.

Stars bennett-dungan-485118-unsplash

Pick one idea that lights you up

Take action on it as soon as possible – like, now would be good. Let your delight in the idea carry you forward with confidence and joy.

Good job! Thank you for playing along with me.

In truth, you have every reason for confidence. You are greater than you know, my friend. Your presence on Earth graces all of us.

Until we meet again, take care. And remember – you never walk alone.


Faith ben-white-692414-unsplash

What do you do to build up your confidence? Please share your ideas in the box below. Thank you!



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