Ease up on yourself this holiday season

Hands of Light by-rhett-wesley-343206
I don’t know about you, but over the holidays my to-do list turns into a tome heavier than a Harry Potter novel.
Which makes me wish I could use a magic spell, like “Accio!” to summon the perfect gifts for everyone on my list.
But with a little mental magic, I can refuse to let my stress level boil over about whether stuff gets done. It will get done, or it won’t. Either way – life goes on.
You can keep your stress level on a low simmer, too, despite mounting holiday madness.
Check out this video for a few quick tips to relieve stress and tension.
Big bonus: if you feel better, your loved ones will feel better, too. Everybody wins!

What are some of your favorite ways to ease holiday stress? Please share them in the comments below. Thank you, and happy holidays to you!

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