How to Handle Holiday Fatigue

Holiday Stress by-ryan-pouncy-52377If you’re like most of us, you lead a pretty busy life.

Then the holidays come. You still have to do your regular stuff, AND somehow find time to do whatever you do to prepare for the holidays. 

Holiday prep usually involves shopping …

Which means crowds …

Which means traffic …

Which means being late for your next thing, and probably the thing after that. 

To the point where you wonder if you will ever catch up. It’s exhausting!

You might wonder how a person can get a little downtime during this hectic holiday season. Preferably, before you keel over from exhaustion.

You’ll find some ideas in this video. Enjoy! And have a very happy holiday, my friend.

What do you do to relax over the holidays? I’d love it if you would share your ideas in the comment box below. Thank you!

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