It’s okay to feel unmotivated

With the avalanche of inspirational New Year’s messages cascading into my email box, I feel exhausted just thinking about everything I ought to be doing.

You know what?

I don’t feel like being told what to do.

I don’t feel like telling you what to do, either. There is nothing wrong with you.

Let’s give it a rest, people.

winter joe-yates-480514-unsplash

Right now, I am sick of striving. I am tired of trying to be better than I am. I’m worn out from working like mad to get somewhere and do something.

Maybe it’s because the Earth – at least, the Northern Hemisphere half of it – is in the winter cycle of seasons. It’s a time for rest and reflection. It’s a season for recuperating from the previous year’s labors so we can be strong when the season for growth comes around.

winter aaron-burden-223239-unsplash

It can be amazingly healing to do as little as possible. Especially in America’s fast-paced wham-bam-thank you-next culture.

The world will keep on spinning if you and I take a little time out. Whatever we’re trying to solve, fix or change will still be there when we come back. Or not. Maybe things will work out on their own, without us having to do anything. And that’s okay, too.

winter toa-heftiba-464652-unsplash

So, come and join me in living dangerously.

Let’s kick back, sip something yummy, and just relax. It will be okay. You will be okay.

It’s not your job to fix everything and everyone.

It’s not your job to fix yourself.

Your job is to be you, as fully and freely and joyfully as possible.

Start by giving yourself permission to feel exactly the way you feel right now. Whatever you feel – it’s okay to feel that way.

Let’s see what happens from there.

What do you think, my friend? I’d love it if you share your thoughts in the comment box below.

In the meantime, wishing you a joyful January!


1 thought on “It’s okay to feel unmotivated

  1. This was *exactly* what I needed to hear this morning. Thank you so much 💗


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