Do Less

jack lemmonTry doing less.

If that sounds crazy, check this out.

The great actor Jack Lemmon often told this story about the making of “It Should Happen to You,” his 1954 movie debut.

After filming one of his scenes with star Judy Holliday, director George Cukor told the young actor, “That was very good, Jack. For this next take, do a little less.”

Lemmon did a less little in the next take.

Cukor told him, “That was better. In the next take, do a little less.”

Lemmon toned it down, as directed.

“That was fine,” Cukor said. “We’ll do another take. This time, Jack, I want you to do less.”

Lemmon protested, “But Mr. Cukor, if I do any less, I won’t be acting at all!”

jack lemmon headshotCukor smiled. “Now you’re beginning to get it, dear boy.”

Jack’s next – and last – take of the scene helped to make him a star when “It Should Happen to You” came out.

The actor learned that day that when you do less, it makes room for magic to happen.

This can be true in life, as well as in filmmaking. When you do less to stand in the way of your true self, you shine brighter.

Maybe there is something you would like to do less of.

When you quit beating up on yourself, you give yourself room to build confidence. Maybe it’s time to stop focusing on your flaws. Start appreciating your accomplishments and talents. You are greater than you know. Looking with heart by-ahdiat-fanada-377828

When you stop comparing yourself to others, you give yourself room to appreciate who you are and how far you have come. Every person whose accomplishments you envy began from where they were with what they had. You can do the same. There’s no knowing how far you can go.

When you let go of grudges, you make room for peace in your heart. Resentment drains your energy and keeps you stuck in the past. Acceptance and forgiveness can energize you to create a brighter future.

You gain the freedom to be more when you diminish yourself less.

What would you like to start doing less of, my friend? Please share your thoughts in the box below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a marvelous day!

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