How My Confidence Crashed and What I Did About It

If you’ve spent years trying and failing to feel more confident in yourself – well, I’ve been there and done that, too.

After several years as a successful, sought-after coach, healer, speaker, and writer – my business went kaput.

People stopped signing up for my workshops and webinars. No one wanted private coaching with me. Every offer I made bombed.

Watch the video, or read the story, below to find out what happened after that.

Having to pay my rent with a credit card in December 2010 made it clear I had to leave my beautiful apartment in Marina del Rey.

I spent the next 10 months living in other people’s back bedrooms … which made it necessary to give away nearly everything I owned.  Books 2 ed-robertson-1373938-unsplash

There was no place to put anything but the bare-bones basics.

I couldn’t afford to store my furniture, fancy cookware, or hundreds of beloved books, so away they went.


Self-doubt consumed me

I asked myself: Have I been leading people astray with good intentions and bad information?

If I was so smart, how did I end up living in a friend’s 9 x 12 bedroom, broke and facing a mountain of credit card debt?

I figured I must have been a fraud. And I felt terrible about it. Guilty. Ashamed. Depressed.

This crisis of confidence could have spelled the end of my business

But something within me would not let that happen.

I had been blessed enough to find my calling. Nothing would make me turn my back on it – not even my own doubts and fears.

Instead, I developed and used my own techniques to unhook from my fears … forgive myself … and reconnect with the love that inspired me to share my gifts.

We never heal aloneHelping hands alvin-mahmudov-619847-unsplash

I also worked with other coaches, healers, and mentors who loved me and believed in me.

If I’d given up, they would have whacked me upside the head, in the most loving possible way. They helped me see my blind spots and inspired me to get moving again.

You see, we never heal alone.

You don’t have to heal alone, either.

If I could get through my dark night of the soul…let love cast out my fears…claim the confidence to do what I came here to do …

You can do it, too

It can all begin for you by talking with me.

I’d love to offer you a complimentary Confidence Breakthrough Session.

Click on the button to schedule it now.

It would be my honor to guide you past the blind spots that keep you from feeling confident, worthy, and ready to share your gifts.

Ready to step up, speak out, and shine in a world that needs all the light it can get.

Start by booking a free Confidence Breakthrough Session with me. Click on the button below to schedule it now.

Schedule a free 15-min appt.
Confidence Breakthrough Session

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Healings for You

If you would like some of the healings mentioned in my story, here they are.

Is it all right if your Inner Wisdom shows you:

  • How to unhook from your fears and still feel safe
  • Why you can forgive yourself, and what will happen if you do
  • How to feel connected with the unconditional love living inside of you

If you want these healings, say “Yes” out loud or in your heart.

Peaceful from L radu-florin-648487-unsplash

Picture Infinite Love shining through the top of your head and into your heart.

Take a deep breath now to fill every cell with love and gratitude.

Now, notice how you feel. Notice what’s different about you – and celebrate it!

If you notice any positive changes as you watch this video or read this blog, I’d love it if you would tell me about them in the comment box below.

When you share your healing, it heals others, as well. Because we never heal alone.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Before we wrap this up, here’s my key takeaway for you

Withholding your gifts serves no one – especially you.

Your soul yearns to express the love that you are.

To live your purpose.

You deserve nothing less.

Let’s set it in motion by meeting for a Confidence Breakthrough Session. Click on the button below to schedule it now.

Schedule a free 15-min appt.
Confidence Breakthrough Session

Click to Schedule an Appointment



That’s it for now, my dear. Much love and many blessings to you!



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