Welcome to October!

As you step into this new season, consider taking a moment to daydream about what you want, going forward.

Because you matter to me. Your goals and dreams matter to me.

So, I invite you to hit the “Pause” button on your life for a moment to simply focus on what you desire.

Let go of thinking about how to make it happen (that’s the Universe’s job) …

Or whether it’s possible given all that’s going on right now (no one knows) …

Just focus on how you would like your future to look.

It’s a lot easier to create a life you love (even in the middle of a pandemic) if you pause sometimes to picture the life of your dreams.

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

“I’d move to Hawaii, so I can wake up inspired every day by all the beauty and loving energy around me.”

Where would you like to live?

“I would start selling the jewelry I design, so I can live the creative life full-time.”

What would you like to create?

“I would start my own coaching practice, so I can help others to have a better life.”

How would you enjoy sharing what you’ve learned?

“I would put up an online dating profile, so I can start opening my heart to new love.”

What would you like to open your heart to?

“I would move into my own place, so I can do what I want when I want to do it.”

What does freedom mean to you?

To take a powerful step toward manifesting what you want

  1. Picture your desired goal or result
  2. Hold it in your mind for 17 seconds
  3. Send the picture out into the Universe

… And get on with your day. Have a great one!

Share your thoughts with me?

I’d love it if you would let me know in the comment box what you’re dreaming about – where you’d like to live, what you want to create, what you would like to open your heart to  … or anything else!

Whatever you want for yourself, I want it for you too, my friend!

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