Got perfectionism?

“What if the definition of perfection is something that gets done?”

Neale Donald Walsche

As a teenager, I read “Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs” because I wanted to understand myself better.

“Virgos are born to notice the tiniest crack in the vase,” Linda said. 

Yikes! That comment made my heart sink, and no wonder. I have 5 planets in Virgo. 

This information struck me as both a blessing (Aha! That’s why I’m never satisfied with anything I do!) and a curse (I guess I’m always going to be super-picky).

Cover image of "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs"

I’ve made a few discoveries since then that helped me to let go of the perfectionism that wrecked my confidence in myself and my talents for decades

For one thing, you don’t have to be a Virgo to be picky – we don’t have a monopoly on perfectionism or the fear and sense of unworthiness that it masks.

For another thing, I realized that “I guess I’m always going to be like this” is a decision. And it’s a choice I can change at any time.

Finally, I saw that I am bigger than astrology. Bigger than perfectionism.  And so are you.

Here’s the funny thing about perfectionism:

It’s a belief that feeds on itself – “This writing is no good. I am no good. Therefore, I cannot write anything good. So, this writing is no good.” And so on, round and round in a circle.

Circular thinking blinds you to other, more positive possibilities like “Maybe this writing is better than I think” or “What if I’m good enough exactly as I am?”

Here’s the cool part about recognizing the circular thinking of the ego-mind in action:

The minute you notice it, it begins to change.

Because when you observe something, the act of observation itself transforms what is being looked upon.

Physicists have been telling us this for years.

So, the next time you notice you’re caught up in the pain of perfectionism, like:

“This is terrible. I can’t share it with anyone” or

“No one can see this until it’s exactly right” or

“This one flaw is driving me crazy” …

You can lift yourself out of that crazy-making loop by telling yourself:

“This is the best I can do right now” or

“It gets the point across” or

“Done is better than perfect.”

When you make friends with the idea that good enough is, in fact, good enough – it’s easier to share your message … to share yourself … with a clear mind and a peaceful heart.

What would you share with people if you trusted that you and your message are good enough? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below!

Until we meet again, remember – you are perfect exactly as you are, my friend. Perfectly yourself. It doesn’t get better than that.

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