Claim your confidence jackpot

Can you imagine winning a big jackpot – and then walking away without picking up your money?

Neither can I.

But if you’re like me, maybe you’ve done something like that with your confidence.

Here’s what I mean …

This is the way confidence works: you take action and then you feel more confident.

That’s why I encourage you to stop waiting until you have more confidence before taking action – because authentic confidence comes after you’ve earned it, not before.

And yet, if that’s true …

Why is it hard for you to feel confident when you’ve already accomplished so much?

I mean, look at the goals you’ve reached. The challenges you’ve overcome. The blessings you have right now.

Think about it.

Seriously, after all you’ve done, your confidence level should be sky-high. Because confidence comes after you take action – and look at all the actions you’ve taken.

So, why do you still struggle with doubt and fear?

Part of it is because your brain is hard-wired that way – and in a minute, I’m going to show you what you can do about it.

Another reason that doubt and fear still show up is because you’ve left your confidence-winnings on the table.

Here’s how that happens.

Let’s say you reached a goal and moved on to the next thing. Did you take time to acknowledge yourself for a job well done and savor your triumph? To applaud yourself for all your hard work and dedication?

Or maybe you overcame a challenge and you moved on to the next thing with a sigh of relief – “Thank goodness that’s over.” Did you take time to honor yourself for having the courage, faith, and persistence to see things through? Many people facing the same challenge would have given up. Do you have any idea how amazing you truly are?

Or perhaps you welcomed a blessing – a new love, a new job, a cool new place to live – and then moved on to the next thing on your “to do” or “to buy” list.

If your blessing came about through your own efforts, did you take time to acknowledge yourself for it? You took action and got a great result. Maybe you even bluffed, pretending you had more confidence than you did, and it paid off, which is awesome.

If your blessing came about through serendipity, a well-timed piece of advice, or someone else’s generosity, did you take time to notice that this blessing proves the universe is on your side? It loves you and wants you to succeed. How cool is that?

In a nutshell

By moving on to the next thing too quickly, you may have walked away from a jackpot of well-earned confidence.

Your own lived experience proves that you have every reason to believe in yourself.

You have every reason to trust that you are smart enough, talented enough, and good enough to do what you feel called to do. To follow your heart. To live your purpose. To express your creativity. To be a voice for love in the world.

As your confidence grows, it gets easier to open to the abundance that starts coming to you as soon as you feel like you’ve earned it, like:

Lasting love

Exciting travel and adventure

Nourishing relationships with wonderful friends

Fulfilling, well-paid work that’s in alignment with your values

Financial security and stability

Or something even better.

Claim your confidence jackpot now

Isn’t it about time you claimed the confidence you’ve already earned?

If you believe you have to prove you’re worthy of the good things in life, you’ve already proved it a thousand times over. Your abundance has been knocking at the door. Let it in, already.

Action step

The next time your brain taunts you with, “Yeah, but what have you done lately?” or “Who do you think you are?” or “That will never happen,” take a moment to look back at one of your many triumphs and say,

“If I could do that, I can certainly do this.”

“If I survived that, chances are I can survive this.”

“If that blessing came to me, the universe must really love me. And with the universe on my side, anything is possible.”

Let your well-earned confidence carry you forward from there. I know it will take you to a wonderful place.


Are you proud of reaching a certain goal or overcoming a particular challenge? Share it in the comment box below – I’d love to give you a personal shout-out!

2 thoughts on “Claim your confidence jackpot

  1. You know how you can watch a movie a second or third time and find something new in each viewing? Well, your writing is the same for me. While I know there isn’t anything I haven’t read before, each paragraph brought an aha that was like hearing the concept anew. Thank you for such a concise set of lessons.


    1. Thank you, Warren! Your kind words mean the world to me. So glad to have brought you some “aha” realizations today.


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