The path to happiness

“And so, I see the path to happiness not as the milestones we strive for, but as a mind open to the opportunities, even beauty, in what we receive.” ~ Carolyn Hax

I ran across this wonderful quote from Washington Post columnist Carolyn Hax , and it occurred to me:

The path to confidence and abundance also lies in a mind open to the opportunities, even beauty, in what you receive. So it’s more about being than doing.

When you can find the beauty in your life right now, it’s a lot easier to jump off the train of thought that says, “I’ll be happy when …”

“I’ll be happy when I’ve found my soul mate”

“I’ll feel confident when I’ve appeared on ‘Good Morning, America'”

“I’ll feel abundant when I’m making $10,000 a month”

It’s like you’re deciding to be unhappy until you reach your desired milestone. As if you refuse to enjoy yourself or your life unless everything goes according to plan. How much joy does this decision create for you?

“I’ll be happy when …” also makes it hard to feel grateful for where you are and what you have right now.

And gratitude is the fastest path I know to happiness, confidence, and abundance.

If you’re struggling with an unwanted situation these days (who isn’t?), how about taking a minute to notice the beauty in your life right now?

You may be surprised at how much better you feel.

Take a minute to breathe with me, here.


What is one beautiful thing in your life right now?

Take your little flicker of appreciation and let it grow into a blaze of gratitude.

Notice how you feel.

Very cool! Let that feeling carry you through the day.

You can come back to the gratitude that fuels your happiness at any time.

Take care, my friend. Knowing your happiness is just a thought away.

What is one thing that’s beautiful in your life right now? Please share it in the box below, so we can enjoy it together.

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