3 Cool Ways to Ease Up on Yourself

Nothing wrecks your confidence like feeling that you’ve failed at something.

And when your confidence gets shaky, it’s hard to find the will, time, or energy to move in the direction of your dreams. Toward the goals that excite you. Toward the fulfillment you yearn for.

I hate to see that happen because you deserve better. You deserve a life of joy and meaning.

So, here’s a thought:

Consider letting yourself off the hook.

Many of the things you seemingly failed to do were never your job to begin with.

You’re not here to control yourself. You’re here to express the love that you are.

You’re not here to fix other people. They chose their own path. Respect their choice.

You’re not here to control life. You’re here to make the most of it.

Maybe it’s time to stop shaming yourself for failing to control things that are beyond your control.

You have been doing your best every single day of your life. No one can ask more of you, not even God.

So, how about easing up on yourself?

Here are 3 cool ways to get started:

Celebrate a Success – Recall a significant accomplishment and celebrate it. Have you outlined a book, or made a new friend, or completed a project you’ve worked on for several weeks or months? How awesome is that? Give yourself 60 seconds to bask in the glow of achieving something worthwhile.

Get Clear – Have you tried without success to start, finish, or change something? Ask your inner wisdom, “Is this task mine to do? If it is, how can I do it with ease and grace? If it’s not, what should I focus on instead?”

Accept Yourself as You Are – I know, that may sound like crazy talk. But what if there is nothing wrong with you? What would it take for you to see your perfection and wholeness as I see it?

As you start making peace with yourself and your past, your confidence begins to blossom.

It gets easier – even more fun – to take action on things that are important to you.

And that’s how you create abundance – one inspired action at a time.

You deserve it.

What will you honor yourself for today? Please share it in the comment box, so I can honor you, too.

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