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Why is it that no matter how much you accomplish, you still feel like you are not enough?

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Like you haven’t done enough?

Or what you’ve done doesn’t really count?

Chalk it up to your brain’s negativity bias.

That’s the critical inner voice that says, “Okay, so you got the job … Met your mate … Won the Nobel Peace Prize …

“But what have you done lately?”

This built-in bias is a survival strategy, honed over millions of years.

It focuses on what you’ve done wrong rather than what you’ve done right, so you can remember and learn from your mistakes.

It kept your ancestors alive.

And it helps you avoid making mistakes that could cost you your life.

Trouble is …

The same instinct that prompts you to buckle your safety belt every time you get in a car also undercuts your confidence when you need it most. 

Like when you want to make positive changes in your life.

What to do instead? Free to be you

Consistently focus on what is good about you and your life.

The key word here is consistency.

To overcome the negative thinking habits of a lifetime, it’s vital to shift your focus from hurtful thoughts to helpful thoughts again and again.

You don’t have to try to do this all by yourself.

Let me walk you through 4 simple, practical ways to start training your brain to support you in reaching your goals – instead of cutting you off at the knees. 

You will find these handy-dandy tips in this free guidebook:

Top 4 Tips to Build Your Confidence

Get your free copy today by signing up here.

Enjoy, my friend!

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